Uniting the entire campus community to overcome mental health stigma


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text from a different student group each week.
Be empowered: Text back at any time to find out more about
relevant campus mental health resources, including where
they are located and which ones are currently open.
We never store messages.

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Student Groups

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Our purpose is three-fold:
First, to significantly increase student access to
information about Harvard’s mental health resources.
Second, to provide student organizations a means to
encourage students to think about their personal health.
Third, to destigmatize mental health on campus
and encourage other students and student groups
to become a part of the discourse.


We are students who want to build a stronger, more supportive campus community and promote student ownership over the mental conversation on campus. We want to see more students leverage and benefit from Harvard’s wellness & peer support resources.

Created by Annie Ryu '13, Ruth Fong ‘15, Stella Pantela ‘15,
and Victoria Gu '15


How can I subscribe?
Just text any message to (617) 934-2273 and you will be automatically subscribed.

What does it mean to subscribe?
Each subscriber will receive a positive message each week from a Harvard student organization.

How can I unsubscribe?
Just text in “stop,” “unsubscribe,” or “cancel.”

How do I find out about relevant resources using CrimsonCommunity?
Text 'open' for resources open in the next 6 hours, 'list' for all resources, or just text what's troubling you and we will try to send you information about relevant resources.

Is this anonymous?
Yes. We do not store any messages. Our system only stores phone numbers in order to send out texts once a week.

Will any person or organization respond to a message I text?
No. This is an automated text message service. This is NOT a response service - in emergency situations,
call HUPD at 617-495-1212.


We would love your feedback and can be reached at harvardcrimsoncommunity at gmail dot com (or fill out this form). If you are a part of a student organization that would like to join the CrimsonCommunity project, email us and we would be happy to talk to you. We are currently seeking student organizations to write the inspirational messages for the weeks of spring semester.